‘Protestors “outraged” by horse cruelty video launch second demonstration at abattoir near Nantwich’

Posted on February 16, 2013


Today (16th February), a news item was posted on thisisstaffordshire.co.uk titled ‘Protestors “outraged” by horse cruelty video launch second demonstration at abattoir near Nantwich’.

‘… ANGRY protestors have launched another demonstration outside a slaughterhouse as they continue to express alarm over an incident of animal cruelty at the site.

Activists launched the protest outside the Red Lion Abattoir, near Nantwich, which has come under scrutiny amid concerns regarding the way horses were treated …

More than 50 campaigners brandished signs to protest against the business yesterday.

Undercover film footage revealing images of horses being beaten and neglected at the facility emerged last month …

Since the film was given widespread publicity by The Hillside Animal Sanctuary campaign group, two workers at the abattoir have had their licences suspended by the Food Standards Agency.

But people have continued to express outrage over the incident …

“The footage showed the horses hanging upside down and being killed in front of each other. It was disgusting.

“A cow carcass can cost up to £12,000 whereas a horse will be sold for as little as £200, and they are being bought for the meat.”

The Welfare of Animals Act 1995 states that horses should not be slaughtered in sight of one another because of the distress it causes.

The Red Lion Abattoir later reported that the incident viewed in the film was of an isolated nature and that disciplinary action had been taken against the individuals involved.

Protestor Sonja Davies, aged 35, from Biddulph, said: “It is terrible what went on

“We are here because we are outraged about what happened.

“We would like to see it closed down or them agree to have CCTV in there so the way they work can be monitored.”

It is believed that horses slaughtered at the facility are destined for the European food markets …’

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