Scotland: air-gun licensing – respond to public consultation NOW

Posted on February 21, 2013


Today (21st February), an item was posted on the web-site of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) titled ‘Air gun licensing consultation’.

‘… The League is asking its supporters to help us protect animals in Scotland from air gun injuries.

The Scottish Government want to make sure that anyone using an air gun has to have a licence for it. They are also thinking about restricting air gun shooting to private clubs.

The League believes that air gun licensing is a good thing and will cut down on the number of animals injured with air guns. However, people who enjoy shooting animals with air guns are angry at the proposals. The shooting lobby are asking their supporters to write to the Scottish government to ask that the licences not be introduced. They are also asking that if the licences are introduced, they should be as unrestrictive as possible.

We are asking you to help us stop them. You can view the consultation document on the licensing proposals and then please respond to the consultation on the form available below. We are asking you to fill it in, saying that you:

* Support airgun licences.

* Do not believe that airguns should be used to shoot at live animals, by either residents of Scotland or visitors.

* Think that BB guns should also be licensed.

* Believe that no-one under the age of 18 should use an airgun.

* Think that airguns should only be used at shooting clubs.

* Believe that the applications should pay a fee to cover any admin. costs.

*  Support the idea that sellers, as well as buyers, should be responsible for making sure guns are not sold to people who do not have a licence.

*  Think that shotgun penalties are too lenient and say that you would prefer penalties for misusing airguns to be tougher; that no-one with a conviction for harming animals should be allowed an airgun licence.

Once you have completed it, please save it and e-mail it back to: The closing date for this consultation is 15th March.

If you have any questions on the consultation document, please e-mail Jennifer Dunn, the League’s Senior Officer for Public Affairs in Scotland, at:


Read the item and add your comment online at

Please support the League Against Cruel Sports and all their campaigns.


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