British race horses: ‘Sanctuary not cruelty’

Posted on February 22, 2013


Today (22nd February), Animal Aid posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘Sanctuary not cruelty’.

‘… Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Awareness Week (31 March – 6 April 2013) takes place in the seven days leading up to the country’s most famous race, the Grand National. Four horses have been killed in this lethal event, over the last two years.

This year, we are again promoting our popular Sanctuary Not Cruelty initiative. The campaign is aimed both at individuals who visit bookmakers, and at workplace sweepstakes, offering those who are concerned about the National a positive alternative to simply betting or boycotting. Instead of supporting animal cruelty, we are asking people to help two specialist sanctuaries that rescue horses – including ex-racehorses – and that are in need of financial assistance.

As well as Sanctuary Not Cruelty, we will be holding a series of high-profile media events, including a protest on the day of the race. Please try to get involved with Horse Racing Awareness Week and order campaign leaflets and posters now. Or, if you hold a sweepstake at work, please ask your colleagues to raise much-needed funds for rescued animals instead.

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