Britain: ‘Badger cull announcement’ – mass cull to go ahead

Posted on February 27, 2013


Today (27th February), Animal Aid posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘Badger cull announcement’.

‘… The government has today affirmed its decision to allow a mass cull of badgers. The shooting will start in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset on June 1st. Dorset has been named as a ‘back-up’ area.

Public opinion polls consistently show the majority is decisively opposed to a badger cull. In October 2012, MPs voted to abandon the cull by 147 to just 28 votes. Eminent scientists, such as Professor John Bourne and Lord John Krebs, have spoken out strongly against the cull, while wildlife experts, Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham, also oppose it.

Team Badger – a coalition of almost every animal protection group in the country – has today issued this statement:

‘The Government’s plan to go ahead with the pilot badger cull this summer in west Gloucestershire, west Somerset or part of Dorset flies in the face of scientific fact as well as public and parliamentary opinion.

‘Culling badgers is not the answer to eradicating bovine TB. Not only is the practice inhumane and impractical, it is also ineffective in tackling the disease, as has been made repeatedly clear by leading scientific experts and studies.

‘Team Badger is committed to continuing to work with others both to promote vaccination and to act within the law to stop the cull going from ahead.’

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