‘Badger cull return to Gloucestershire sparks new fury’

Posted on February 28, 2013


Today (28th February), an item was posted on thisisgloucestershire.co.uk titled ‘Badger cull return to Gloucestershire sparks new fury’.

‘… A BADGER cull will go-ahead in the county this summer.

The controversial move was announced by the Government yesterday.

It will happen as early as June 1 and will run for a period of six weeks, for four years in a row.

The badgers will be killed by free shooting and it is aimed at curbing the spread of TB in cattle …

Liz Gaffer, from Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, said they were appalled.

“Our position remains unchanged in that we are upset that they are planning to shoot badgers.

“There is no evidence this will help farmers and it will not only affect wildlife but potentially harm humans too.

“There is also no transparency on how it is going to be monitored.

“We will be encouraging people to speak up in a peaceful way about it.”

A peaceful walk is being planned by the campaign group which is expected to take place on April 1.

But the Government’s environment secretary Owen Paterson warned: “Bovine TB is spreading at an alarming rate and causing real devastation to our beef and dairy industry.

“This is an important step towards taking the action we need to tackle the spread of this disease in wildlife.”

He added that independent inspectors would be put in place to check that the cull was being carried out humanely and that adequate numbers of badgers were being removed …

Mr Paterson has also warned that if anything happens to prevent the Gloucestershire or West Somerset culls, a back-up cull in Dorset will take place to stop any further delays to the trial …’

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