‘Badgers and foxes – their destinies intertwined’

Posted on March 11, 2013


Today (11th March), an item was posted on the web-site of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) titled ‘Badgers and foxes – their destinies intertwined’.

‘… We have seen a 300% increase in badger persecution during December 2012 and it seems to be  down to fox hunters.

Although the bloodsport brigade claim it is “natural” for hounds to chase a fox and the fox to be chased by a pack of baying dogs, running away for miles is not the natural behaviour of a fox when threatened. What a fox really wants to do is hide underground as quickly as possible.

That would spoil the “sport”. There is no thrill of the chase. So before a hunt the miscreants go round blocking as many holes as possible where a poor fox could hide. This includes badger setts, whether badgers live there or not. It is illegal to block an active badger sett, but they don’t care.

If a fox does manage to go to ground, in come the terrier men. They don’t care if badgers are living in the sett, they will put their terriers underground to corner the fox. Both terrier and fox will often be badly hurt in an underground struggle. Using radio collars on their terriers they will locate the dog/fox tangle and dig them out. If it is a badger sett it will completely destroyed. The longer and deeper the dig, the more the terrier terrorists like it.

When the terrier men get to the fox, its future is bleak and cruel. It is either released in front of the hounds so it can be chased again, thrown to the hounds to kill, or given to the terriers to “rag”. Sometimes they will bag the fox, keep it and use it on another day to guarantee a chase for the hunt.

The terrier men will work both with a hunt and often  also see their activity as an independent sport. They go out with terriers and often lurcher type dogs (often cross bread with pit bulls) and locate a live badger sett. Again the terriers go underground, a badger is cornered and dug out. They then get their kicks by setting their dogs on the badger. As badgers are strong and defend themselves, the terrier men will often disable the badger first by for example breaking its lower jaw. The outcome is always the same, a horrible death for the badger.

So the fate of badgers and foxes are intertwined. The perpetrators of fox and badger persecution are the same and their modus operandi clear. The motivation is the same too, straight forward pleasure from cruelly taking life.

They often mask the true nature of their activity by talking of badgers and foxes as vermin and pests. They say they are doing country folk a favour by killing them, whether legally or not. They have a shocking disregard for the law if it is against what they want to do.

The political future of badgers and foxes are linked too. We have to stop the badger cull from happening for the badgers. If it goes ahead it is also far more likely that the Government will come for the foxes. Owen Patterson, the DEFRA minister, has said they will not call a vote on repeal of the Hunting Act in 2013. But they are working hard in Westminster to get a majority of MP’s to vote to repeal the Act. It is almost certain they will call a vote in 2014. The Hunting Act has never been at so much risk. We are working extremely hard to counter this behind closed doors arm twisting and make sure the Hunting Act survives any vote. If we stop the badger cull it will make our job easier although not remove the real and imminent threat of repeal.

To end on a positive note, badgers and foxes are also linked by the support of the vast majority of decent people. They are iconic British animals and we should be proud to have them in our countryside …’

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