‘Join the BUAV to wipe the cruelty out of Spring Cleaning!’

Posted on March 14, 2013


Today (14th March), the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) posted an item on their web-site titled ‘Join the BUAV to wipe the cruelty out of Spring Cleaning!’.

‘… Animals can still be used in the testing of household cleaning products and their ingredients. So the BUAV is appealing to everyone to help Clean up Cruelty this Spring by only purchasing products that carry the Leaping Bunny logo. We have some special offers to help you get started! 

There is a large range of certified cleaning products available on the High Street, including those made by The Co-operative, Marks & Spencer, Ecover, Superdrug, Greenscents, Ecozone, Method Products, Astonish, Bio-D, Suma and Faith in Nature, demonstrating that it is possible to produce safe and effective cleaning products without inflicting pain and suffering on animals.

The Cruelty Free International Humane Household Product Standard, symbolised by the Leaping Bunny Trademark, enables consumers to easily identify and household cleaning products that have not been tested on animals.

You can search through a full list of Cruelty Free International certified products.

The BUAV has spearheaded a campaign to end the use of animals to test household products in the UK. The Clean up Cruelty campaign has gained widespread support around the UK from politicians, councils, retailers and the public who have pledged to only use cleaning products which are free from animal testing.

Encourage your work-place, council or MP to take the Clean up Cruelty pledge …’

Read the item at www.buav.org/article/1217/join-the-buav-to-wipe-the-cruelty-out-of-spring-cleaning

Please support the BUAV and all their campaigns.


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