past NESX events


December – NESX meeting with vegan Christmas party food

Wednesday 2nd November – our meeting at the Friends’ Meeting-house in Colchester was the day after World Vegan Day, so we celebrated it with a vegan pie fest. for the publication of ‘Vegan pie in the sky’. Local vegan business PS it’s vegan provided three great pies and we watched an episode of the post-punk kitchen and looked at the lives and careers of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.

Wednesday 5th October – film evening at the Friends’ Meeting-house in Colchester. The 2nd October was World Farm Animals Day and the 4th October was World Animal Day, so we showed four animated shorts: ‘Cows with guns’, ‘The Meatrix I’, ‘Support vegan organic food’ and ‘Rabbit stew’. We had vegan cinema nibbles (peanuts and crisps) and also some raw vegan foods provided by local vegan business Raw Delights followed by independent US documentary film ‘Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days’.

Wednesday 7th September – September meeting at the Friends’ Meeting-house. We looked at the eventful life of Henry Clubb; a vegetarian born in Colchester in 1827, he emigrated to the U.S. and later became president of the American Vegetarian Society.

Saturday 20th August – big vegan bbq in Annette’s country house and gardens near Diss, plus raffle!

Sunday 31st July – NESX vegan summer picnic in Colchester Castle Park, with food brought to share.

Friday 1st July – NESX summer pub. evening, on the terrace at the Hole-in-the-Wall pub. in Colchester.

Wednesday 1st June – June meeting: at the Friends’ Meeting-house, with presentation by local vegan Merryn on raw vegan food and on her small business ‘Raw Delights’.

Saturday 28th May – NVW stall: in Colchester street market for National Vegetarian Week, promoting vegetarianism and veganism.

Friday 6th May – May meeting: at the Friends’ Meeting-house in Colchester. Clare, a local vegan, is a professional textile artist and she gave us a presentation on her work, using all-vegan acrylic yarns, and also taught us to do French knitting!

23rd April – ‘cracked’ street stall in Colchester town centre, on Easter Saturday, to persuade people to give up eggs as part of Viva!’s ‘cracked’ campaign against the British egg industry.

10th April – big meal out: 25 of us celebrated the fifth anniversary of the NESX vegans group with a fab. vegan Sunday lunch at the veggie Red Lion pub. in Suffolk.

18th March – NESX pub. evening, at the Odd One Out in Colchester.

25th Feb – mega NESX vegan curry evening, at FMH; Reza cooked up a vegan feast and also gave us a mini talk on the nutritiousness of lentils, folllowed by a short film on King Asoka, one of the first figures in history to be concerned about non-violence, animals and the environment. The evening also raised a substantial amount of money for NESX funds.

2nd Feb – February meeting: vegan cup cakes evening with cups of tea made from sample tea bags, at FMH; Jen of Colchester-based vegan small business PS it’s vegan provided all the cakes and gave a talk on setting up a vegan business

21st Jan – pub. evening at the Fat Cat in Colchester

5th Jan – planning meeting with hot soup and bread, at FMH



[Sun 12th Dec – some NESX vegans joined the IAR vegan Christmas meal at the vegetarian Red Lion pub. near Needham Market]

Fri 3rd Dec 2010 * NESX Christmas party – Friday 3rd December

Sun 7th Nov 2010

the alternative vegan festival in London – 7th November

alternative vegan festival in London

start of the fox-hunting season – 1st November

start of the fox-hunting season

Mon 1st Nov 2010

vegan month – 1st-30th November vegan month – 1st-30th November
Sat 20th Mar 2010 Earth Day – 20th March
Fri 20th Mar 2009 Meatout – 20th March
Wed 8th Aug 2007 * NESX business meeting
Sun 22nd Jul 2007 * NESX summer BBQ
Wed 7th Mar 2007 * NESX video evening – 7th March
Sun 28th Jan 2007 Brentwood veggie event
Wed 3rd Jan 2007 * NESX January 2007 meeting
Sat 9th Dec 2006 * NESX winter party
Wed 1st Nov 2006 * NESX party to celebrate World Vegan Day
Sat 28th Oct 2006 * NESX stall at Colchester Green fair
Mon 23rd Oct 2006 * NESX special meeting
Wed 6th Sep 2006 * NESX tofu night meeting
Wed 5th Jul 2006 * NESX meeting with food tasting
Sat 24th Jun 2006 * NESX midsummer day picnic
Thu 4th May 2006 * NESX bring food to share meeting
Wed 29th Mar 2006 * NESX first meeting
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