best vegan Christmas recipes!

some of the best recipes online:

Tangy cranberry soup at

Spicy parsnip soup at

Apple-parsnip bisque at

Porcini wild rice soup at

Roast vegetable soup at

Chestnut veloute [veganised] at

Brussels sprouts and shiitake mushroom soup at

Roasted chestnut soup

Roasted carrot and ginger soup with lemon ‘yoghurt’ at

Chestnuts on toast with creamy white wine sauce at

Fried boozy tofu at

Maple apple cider tofu with stuffing at

Brussels sprouts with walnut caramel sauce at

Chestnut and mandarin orange salad at

Red cabbage, parsnip, orange and date salad at

Warm chestnut and apple salad at

Wild rice salad with oranges and roasted beets at

Rawlicious red cabbage and orange salad at

Persimmon, pomegranate and tangerine salad at

Risotto with pomegranate at

Chestnut and red wine pate at

Savoury holiday fig spread at


Cashew nut roast with sage and onion stuffing at

Festive mushroom pastry at

Christmas savoury strudel at

Nut stuffed mushrooms at

Luxury festive roast at

Perfect (mushroom pastry) roast at

Holiday citrus-stuffed squash at

Classic nut roast at

Thanksgiving meatless loaf at

‘Best-ever’ cranberry & pistachio nut roast at

Red wine marinated tofu at

Mushroom, lentil, and wild rice timbales at

Shallot and shiitake seitan Wellington at

Mushroom croustade at

Mushroom and nut Wellington at

Chestnut Bourgignon pie [veganised] at

Tofu-turkey at

Seitan roast stuffed with shiitakes and leeks at

Seitan stuffed with walnuts, dried cranberries, and mushrooms at

Porcini-crusted tofu with shallot gravy at

Venezuelan Hallacas Veganas (Christmas tamales) at

Orange ginger baked tofu at

Hasselback tofu at

Perfect grilled Portobellos (mushrooms) at

Phyllo (filo) tempeh reubens at

Mock goose (see recipe below)


Eggplant (aubergine) bacon at


Marmite roast potatoes at

Roast potatoes at

‘Fan’ roast or Hasselback potatoes at

Rockin’ roasted potatoes with racy rosemary and mustard (and vodka and vermouth!) at

Special roast potatoes (mustardy) at

Artichoke and potato gratin at

Potato and portobello mushroom gratin at

Spicy zesty curried potatoes at

Fluffy mashed potato at

High-protein garlic mashed potato at

Parsnip and potato rosti with creme cheese and cranberry at

Tin-foil beets at

Caramelised beets at

Whole roasted onions

Oven-roasted garlic at

Brussels sprouts with chestnuts – use recipe at, and mix with chestnuts OR serve the sprouts roughly mashed

Roasted Brussels sprouts at

Crispy roasted Brussels sprouts at

Brussels sprout masala at

Brussels sprouts with caramelised onions at

Brussels sprouts with orange and chili at

Brussels sprouts with basil and garlic at

Cranberry balsamic Brussels sprouts at

Roasted vegetables at

Devilish red cabbage at

Revelling red cabbage, apple and walnut salad (with sherry!) at

Candied purple and yellow carrots at

Crispy cabbage at

Split pea bake

Sausage fritters

Roasted cauliflower with Medjool dates, olives and rosemary at

Baked parsnips with Madeira at

Roasted ginger beets at

Braised chestnuts with red wine gravy at

Warm roasted Brussels sprouts salad with raisins and almonds at


Cranberry, orange and ginger sauce at

Port wine sauce at

Sage and onion stuffing at

Cranberry chestnut pumpkin sausage stuffing at

Sourdough stuffing at

Wild mushroom & spinach stuffing at

Bread sauce at

Onion gravy at

Gravy at

Savoury mushroom gravy at

Chestnut porcini gravy at

Boozy white sauce at

Orange cinnamon vinegar at

Christmas cranberry chutney at

Three ingredient cranberry sauce at

Roasted grapes at


Christmas pudding at

Boozy vegan Xmas pudding at

Ice cream bombe at

Croquembouche at

Carribbean Christmas fruit cake at

Mouthwatering nutty ice cream at

Brandy butter at

Rum butter at

Rad whip at

Cashew cream and cashew cream cups at

Boozy vegan ice cream at

Chocolate Yule log cake at

Orange spice Bûche de Noël with orange cream cheese frosting & chocolate ganache at

Chocolate chestnut truffle pudding at

Deliriously decadent double chocolate torte at

Chocolate bread and butter pudding & mulled figs at

Vegan sabayon at

Mincemeat, apple and apricot crumble tart at

Mini Christmas puddings

Mini raw Christmas puddings at

Figgy pudding

Christmas cup cakes at

Orange cranberry muffins at

Mince pies at

Skinny figgy bars at

Orange puddings at

Mandarin orange cream cocktail at

Boozy vegan chocolate mousse at

Winter fruit salad

Winter trifle

Chocolate Kahlua and orange vegan trifle at

Boozy oranges at

Jewel biscuits at

Almond cookies at

Rum balls at

Festive gingerbread houses at

Gingerbread at

Easy last-minute Christmas fruit cake at

Chocolate-orange cake at

Dark chocolate cherry walnut truffles at

Easy chocolate-rum truffles at

Festive sweets at

Vegan toffee at

Christmas truffles at

German chocolate cake at

Raw orange chilli chocolate at

Mint chocolate custard pots at

Clementine jelly

Red wine sorbet

Mulled wine sorbet

Fresh cranberry sorbet at

Frozen grapes

Mini orange ‘Bounty’ truffles at

Date and fig slice at

Panettone at

Christmas biscotti at

Salted cashew dark chocolate ‘bark’ at

Chocolate-coated candied cashews

Walnut brittle at

Mince pies at

Vegan cheeseboard –


Roasted chestnuts

Chestnut ‘veghella’ at

Express Castagnaccio at

Spiced party nuts at

Sweet mesquite almonds at

Curry soynuts at


Liqueur coffees

Orange scented hot chocolate at

Spiced red wine with brandy and citrus at

Peanut butter cup caramel latte at

Liquid apple pie at

Vegan eggnog at

Gluhwein at

Cinnamon liqueur at

Ginger liqueur at

Pomegranate margharitas at

Frozen jalapeno margharitas at

Bloody Maria cocktail at

UV White Christmas cocktail at

Rich dark chocolate martini at

Hot mulled wine at

Warm cider at

Mulled cider at

Mexican ponche at

Coquito Bonito (Puerto Rican traditional creamy holiday punch spiked with plenty of rum) at

Hot buttered rum at

Spiced orange wine at

Vegan Bailey’s Irish cream at

Cinnamon almond cappucino at


Cocktails –
Cranberry ginger martini at
Poinsettia champagne cocktail at
Blood orange French 75 at
Cranberry Kir at


some other recipes:

instant chestnut soup –


some non-traditional recipes:

vegan pizza!-


plus best Christmassy vegan items to buy:

Redwood ‘turkey celebration roast’ –

Redwood cocktail sausages –

Redwood ‘rashers’ –

Redwood gravy –

stuffing –

try the Co-op. for vegan Christmas puddings –

chocolates –

port –

champagne –

sherry –

ice cream –

soya cream –




Please add your suggestions here as Comments!



Mock goose recipe
the ‘goose’

1/2 lb butter beans, mashed
4 1/2 oz ground almonds or grated plain tofu (or half of each)
some yeast extract

the stuffing
4 oz wholemeal breadcrumbs
3 oz finely chopped and fried onion
1/2 oz margarine
a spoonful of water
(or use a nice vegan stuffing mix instead!)
some sunflower oil

Mix the stuffing together and pile it into a baking dish. Mix the ‘goose’ ingredients together and spoon the mixture over the stuffing, pressing it down firmly and smoothing the surface. Bake in the oven at Gas mark 6 or 200 degrees for 30 minutes or until cooked and golden. Baste with hot sunflower oil a couple of times during baking. Carve into portions and serve hot, but also delicious cold.



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