some sweet and spicy vegan Valentine’s Day recipes

Some of the best vegan Valentine’s Day recipes online –

[Viva! say:  ‘eating veggie just makes you feel more sexy!’ – see their Lovers’ pages at, including sections on aphrodisiac foods, mood foods, recipes, and health-boosting wonders for your love life … ]

– and try the v-gasm vegan recipe web-site …


‘top ten’ vegan Valentine’s Day recipes –

mushroom fondue, roasted artichoke with chipotle aioli, fruity red wine sangria, strawberry champagne sorbet –

pink cauliflower soup –

roasted love apple soup –

crostini with black truffle sauce –

pineapple ginger sorbet –

asparagus with pine nuts –

griddled asparagus with salsa verde –

chili almond asparagus –

jalapeno poppers –

Mexican citrus salad with orange-lime vinaigrette –

strawberry salad with olives and balsamic vinegar  –

Thai basil salad with lime and red curry dressings –

vegan sushi with avocado and cucumber –

vegetable tempura –

crispy tempura with vodka and orange dipping sauce –

dim sum dumplings –

broccoli almond sweet and sour tofu –

orange pan-glazed tempeh –

mushroom filo parcel with spicy peach coulis –

roast vegetable, mango and coconut curry –

lemon rice –

Californian style brochettes –

creamy avocado pasta –

lemon barley risotto [veganised] in mini pots –

mushroom risotto with caramelised onions –

big stuffed pasta shells –

stuffed portabella ‘pizza’ –

fig and walnut ravioli dolci –

heart-shaped pizza –

stuffed artichoke –

flower-shaped toasts with magnificent vegan pesto – pesto recipe at

aubergine Napoleon (stack) with red pepper sauce –

French salad with warm sauteed plums or apples, or raw pears or grapes –

heart-shaped red quinoa loaf with beetroot hearts –

spiced sweet potato fries –

Black-truffle crushed potatoes (veganised) –

simple Italian sausages –

green beans with ginger and lime –

raw coriander lime pasta –

salsa and guacamole quesadillas –

the ‘love bite’ (stuffed baguette) –

vegan cheese fondue –

Spaghetti with strawberries –

vegan tapas –

[You can always add garnishes of cut-out tomato flowers, or tomato and carrot roses, or just strawberries, to your food.]


chocolate mousse with banana cake hearts –

chocolate-dipped strawberries –

Strawberry shortcakes stacked with a coconut whipped cream topping –

Raw double chocolate cherry cheesecake –

Red velvet cupcakes with sugar-free cream cheese frosting –

chocolate and chocolates platter –

chocolate fondue – strawberries

soft caramel and black cherry bombe with hot chocolate sauce –

red wine sorbet –

tuile cookies with strawberries –

orange and passionfruit sorbet

orgasmic orange liqueur puddings –

chocolate truffles –

heart cake –

candied clementines –

chocolate and brandy truffle hearts –

chocolate-cherry-Kirsch hearts –

black cherry and Kirsch truffle desserts –

chocolate espresso and roasted pecan torte –

poires Helene –

petits fours –

raw chocolate with sweet and spicy cayenne dip –

berry creme tart with cocoa olive oil crust –

mojito cupcakes –

margarita cupcakes –

barbequed pineapple –

chocolate-dipped strawberries – or

individual ginger and Bourbon trifles –

passionate citrus cup (drink or dessert) –

pink punch –

vegan cocktails! –

rose, champagne –

fresh fruit –


Plamil vegan chocolate spread –

chocolate truffles – Booja-Booja,

chocolate ice cream – Booja-Booja, Swedish glace


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