the Vegan

the Vegetarian

the Vegan Organic


Animal Defenders

Animal Equality

Prof. Gary Francione’s web-site, ‘Animal Rights: the abolitionist approach’ –

Richard Deboo’s web-site –

Hunt Saboteurs

Ipswich Animal Rights –

LACS (League Against Cruel Sports) –

National Anti-Vivisection


vegan chat room –

PS it’s vegan… – vegan business based in Colchester, making vegan cup cakes and cakes, at

Raw Delights

38 Degrees – ’38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change’:

online vegetarian and vegan wine guide –

blogs by Marc Bekoff at and at

Southend Animal Aid –

vegan around the world


Vegetarian for Life, a charity launched in 2008 to help the UK’s older vegetarians and


VeggieVision (based in Essex) –

Viva! – Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, at

WSPA – World Society for the Protection of Animals, at

Wildlives, the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre (Thorrington, Essex) –

Mistley Place Park animal rescue centre and tearooms (Mistley, Essex) –

Hillside animal sanctuary (Norfolk) –

Tower Hill Stables animal sanctuary (Essex) –

the Dogs Trust –

Badger Trust (North-East Essex) –

Essex Wildlife

Vegan Campaigns


London vegan meetup group – nearly 600 members;

London vegetarian meetup group – over 900 members;

Secret Society of Vegans –

Activeg –

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